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What did he say? A Frequently Updated List of Supplements and Products Recommended on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr.OZ conducted researches on many natural substances and revealed various products as fat burning substances. He recommended various natural supplements to help you to achieve your weight loss goals without artificial ingredients or adverse side effects. 

These supplements has provided many health benefits to customers and granted desired results.

Following are some of the best weight loss products recommended by Dr. OZ.
Raspberry ketones Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus are so beneficial for the body health and have been used in remedies and treatments. Dr Oz explains Raspberry ketones as Miracle Fat Burners. They are very efficient to loss weight with one week’s time.

Dr. Oz explains raspberry ketone may stimulate the production of adiponectin, a hormone found in fatty tissue that improves our ability to metabolize fat. 

Studies show that thin people have higher levels of adiponectin than overweight and obese people. Taking one or two capsules daily before meal or after workout can help burn extra calories.

Green Coffee Bean Max

Green Coffee beans max refers to raw or unroasted fresh coffee beans. The most recent studies on the coffee beans were conducted in January 2012. 

The researcher followed a group of 16 overweighed adults who were supplemented with a green coffee bean extract of chlorogenic acid. After some time they lost an average of almost 18 pounds.

Green coffee bean extract weight loss pills are made up of pure green coffee beans. As green coffee beans are unroasted, so they have the high amount of fat burning substances like chlorogenic acid and antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid plays a vital role in glucose absorption.

It works in the efficient utilization of glucose. With this effect, body no longer needs to increaser its food intake as the glucose requirement is supplied properly. The component also increases the body’s temperature which is a natural process in calories burning.

He recommends one capsule twice in a day 30 minutes before a meal with water.


7-Ketosupplement can help you to boost your metabolism and increases energy levels by promoting internal heat production to help you burn off fat. 

Basically 7-keto is a metabolic hormone. With growing age, the amount of 7-keto starts to decrease which slows metabolism and resulting in weight gain. 

Without enough 7-keto, human body produces too much cortisol, which can weak immune system and lead to weight gain. Taking 7-keto can improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels.Dr. OZ recommends 200mg twice in a day.


Relora is the herbal supplement promotes relaxation and calm to reduce stress. It also supports metabolism and controls the cortidon levels in the body. 

Relora may also help to suppress appetite. It can also improve sleep and relief from other symptoms of allergies. Dr. OZ recommends 750mg twice or thrice in a day.